Molto – Protein Super-Shake EU



Protein with benefits. A stress-busting vanilla super-shake to feed your foundational health.

Find your inner peace with Molto – nourishing complete protein, balancing ashwagandha and gut healthy prebiotics. One velvety smooth, delicious vanilla shake crafted for mind and body? No stress.

Rebuild muscle with 20g complete plant protein
Reclaim your calm with natural ashwagandha
Restore gut health with prebiotic fibre
Zen your protein

This vanilla shake is anything but ordinary. Packed with 500mg of the Indian super-shrub ashwagandha, a Molto each day can help you stay on top of life’s stresses by reducing cortisol levels (a hormone produced in response to stress) and inflammation by up to 30% whilst improving your mood and sleep too.

Healthy foundations

Get the building blocks right with 20g of complete plant protein, 3g of BCAAs and all nine essential amino acids – each serve of Molto promotes healthy muscle recovery, improved energy levels and supports hormone and enzyme production too.

Subscribe to your health

Take the stress out of getting your protein right, feed your good gut bacteria with prebiotic chicory fibre and let the soothing cinnamon restore your wellness and performance from the inside out.

Delicious on its own, to power up pancakes, shake up smoothies or invigorate your overnight oats. Molto is the ultimate vanilla shake!
3g BCAAs
Vegan & Gluten Free
High Performance Daily Protein
Low Carb & Keto Friendly