Cinturato Gravel RC X



SpeedGRIP Compound
The SpeedGRIP Compound is a gravel-specific rubber formulation born from the Pirelli experience in the World Rally Championship where the performances of speed and grip on and off-road are crucial. This chemical formulation rely on the polymer matrix of the MTB-specific SmartGRIP Compound while lowering its rolling resistance. The gravel application requires good speed and on-off road capabilities, for this reason our engineers tweaked the compound features towards a better energetic efficiency with a little compromise on the grip, the result is a predictable compound with solid performances on and off road.

TechWALL X Gravel
In order to develop a tyre able to satisfy all gravel racing requirements on rougher terrains, our engineers combined the technologies derived from road-specific reinforced casings with the MTB-specific one. This blending resulted in a tubeless casing construction which features a reinforced and cut-resistant 60tpi fabric extended past the tread line in addition to a bead-to-bead protection layer. The Techwall X Gravel, although its enhanced puncture protection, still offers an optimal riding feeling thanks to its TLR tubeless-ready aramid folding bead, optimized for wide rims and lower pressure riding.

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From the success of the Cinturato Gravel RC, our first ever gravel-racing specific tyre, we developed an even more reinforced version: the Cinturato Gravel RC X. This model features the new Techwall X Gravel, a 60tpi fabric casing structure extended past the tread line, with also an additional bead-to-bead protection layer. Keeping the characteristic tread design of our RC models, the Cinturato Gravel RC X is designed for gravel-racing on rough surfaces.
What’s the secret to our tyres? Let’s take a look at some of the motorsport-derived technologies applied to our cycling tyres